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Headquartered in San Diego, California, we are a full service painting and coatings contractor with over twenty years of experience, specializing in meeting challenging deadlines while providing competitive pricing and incomparable quality. We offer reliable, responsive, and outstanding service for our clients – commercial, industrial, government, residential – locally and across the country.

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U.S. Coatings provides a complete range of painting services for commercial, industrial, government, and residential clients, including interior and exterior painting for new construction, repainting, tenant improvement projects, remodels, refreshes, and many others.

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Anti-Graffiti Coatings


Anti-graffiti coatings are a clear coating applied over most substrates that enable you to wash off any graffiti that has affected your building. Prices can vary substantially depending on the product and finish desired. Coatings come in clear, semi-gloss or gloss finish.

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Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric Coatings is a flexible waterproofing system. The finish looks like paint but is thicker and will allow the substrate to crack underneath up to a 1/8 inch without any visual appearance. These coatings are normally used on those projects that have had water penetration problems or severe cracking. It[…]

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Epoxy Polyurethane Coatings

Epoxy Polyurethane Coatings are high performance paint products used in areas where rust can be a problem. Typical uses are on exposed structural steel and architectural metals that are exposed to moisture. Depending on the product, site location and condition of the metals to be painted, you can expect between[…]

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Faux Finish

Faux Finishing is a very specialized field of painting that takes a real professional to apply. From marbelizing columns to making painted surfaces look like wood we have done numerous commercial applications.

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Hydro Blast Cleaning

Hydro Blast Cleaning is mostly used in the painting preparation of buildings but it may also be used to keep your building clean. Washing your building every other year can keep it looking new and extend the life of your paint coatings.

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Stucco Repair & Retexturing

U.S. Coatings uses a host of craftsman techniques and tools to ensure your stucco repair blends in and matches the rest of your project. Our skilled craftsmen experts will match the color and texture for a seamless, flawless finish.

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Staining & Finishing

U.S. Coatings can stain, lacquer, varnish, and finish wood cabinets, doors, and trim. We are glad to advise on color and use techniques to enhance the quality and beauty of the grain.

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Wall Covering

US Coatings can furnish and install vinyl, fabric, murals, wall panels and upholstered walls.

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Water Proofing

There are all types of these products on the market today from fluid applied to troweled on cementicious coatings to a combination of layered fluid applied over fabrics.They come in clear or opaque finishes; they differ from elastomeric in that they do not have the flexible properties that elastomeric paints[…]

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Featured Projects

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Temple Solel – Cardif, CA

Commercial - Religious Institutions

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Chipotle – San Diego, CA

Commercial - Restaurant

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AIS – San Diego, CA

Commercial - Tenant Improvement, Featured, Industrial

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Louisiana Street – San Diego, CA


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San Marcos Fire Station #4 – San Marcos, CA


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La Jolla Regents Condos – San Diego, CA

Commercial - Exterior, Featured


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    U.S. Coatings – Lic. #843688
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    General Contractor – Zigman Shields
  • U.S. Coatings is one of the best contractors I’ve ever worked with. They did beautiful work and were efficient in getting it done.

    Triton Industries James Connolly – Triton Properties

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